Saturday, February 18, 2006


Another b&w drawing from my files -- this one was used as the cover for a small run sketchbook zine I put out (real small, like under 200 copies) in time for the 2005 Toronto Comic Arts Festival. I like drawing pictures involving motels, especially at night. For whatever reason, its a theme I come back to often.


Stereotopffer said...

I love it!

I also enjoy motels or hotels, Hopper is one of my favourites painters.

logan's runner said...

Nice. You should see the movie The Motel then. It's story about a Chinese boy coming of age at his mom's road side motel with the help of a recently seperated/divorced or something Korean dude who's wild and crazy and is kind of like a dad or older brother for a couple weeks. I saw it all the Reel Asia film festival last year and it was pretty funny and sweet.

Also, your art is sweet and the whole story is fantastic.

Mike Thompson said...

Terrific piece, Michael! Your work is quite a welcome change from the "trendy" stuff that the big publishers are producing. Having said that, I think you will appreciate my best friend's work at !

m cho said...

Thanks for compliments! I'm seriously digging getting feedback from such talented artists!

I'm also gonna have to find this "The Motel" movie, too -- is it on video or just festivals?

LEO said...

Hi~! Brother!! I`m Jung Sang bong.
Your drawing is so abstract.
But I like yours.

I dislike motels. ^^;;
You know why?
Everybody loves it.^^
I`m joking~!

Calavera Kid said...

beautiful piece all around mr. cho with a masterful use of blacks! i bow to you ;)

m cho said...

Hey Sang Bong! Good to hear from you, cousin! I hope you'll drop by again. Glad to hear you made it safely back to Korea!

Calavera Kid: Thanks, Ramon! Ya know I'm a fan of yours too! I just wish you'd stop making the rest of us look bad with your extra-precise small-detail work (all done with fat #2 brushes, at that!)...

For those who haven't seen Ramon's work, you can check out the link