Monday, February 12, 2007

Kirby Always Rules

Sorry about the long delays between posts, folks. I've been very busy this year with a lot of freelance work, much of which I can't share or post, which has led to my blog looking a bit neglected lately. However, to make up for it, I thought I'd post this page I inked up for fun one afternoon.

As many of you can obviously tell, the original pencils were from a Thor comic book page, drawn by the legendary creator of Thor, Jack 'King' Kirby. Most people who know me know that I am one truely ga-ga Kirby fan (like thousands of other cartoonists!) and I, like many others, love to occasionally practice my inking over reproductions of his pencils. It's a comic-geeky thing, I know, but I'm not alone in doing so.

Previously, I've posted several other Kirby pages that I've inked on this blog. However, I thought I'd post this one, which was done a bit differently. Namely, I took some small liberties with the art and inked and toned it much like most of my own 2-colour work. It was done fairly quickly and for fun, without any attempt at real finesse, so it might look a bit rushed, but I was pretty happy with the results -- happy enough to share it here, anyway. I hope you'll like it too. The overall effect reminds me a bit of those old british marvel-comic reprints, which were sometimes printed in black and white with one spot colour -- usually red or blue. For comparison's sake, below is the original Kirby pencil art -- which I scanned in from a reproduction found in the excellent The Jack Kirby Collector magazine.

And as always, my thanks to Jack Kirby, who left behind such a wonderful body of work for artists like me to study and learn from. He was the best super-hero artist ever, folks. There will never be another like him.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Great interpretation of the pencils , a solid Kirby/Cho sandwhich.

rls said...

That looks fantastic, Michael. Your skills are a perfect fit for Kirby's pencils.

Ryan Cody said...

great stuff mike!

Phil Alexander said...

Mike... I love seeing your work. Please post more whenever you have the chance!


Paul Conrad said...

Michael, this is just TOO cool! I love that you put your spin on it.
Allright, I've gotta jump on the bandwagon and try this too. :)

Michael Cho said...

thanks, guys!

Dominic: glad you liked it & nice of you to drop by again.

RLS: Thanks, buddy. Glad you think that I didn't slaughter Kirby's pencils by putting my spin on it.

Ryan: thanks, Ryan.

Phil: thanks, Phil. I'll try and post more stuff when I have time.

Paul: thanks, Paul -- I'm dying to see you ink some Kirby pages too. You already do a great homage as is!

Mike Thompson said...

Wow, Mike, I'd love to see you do more inking of Kirby. You really are good at it. Maybe alternating colors, blue page here, red page there, etc. Nice stuff.

Drazen said...

yeah thats friggin cool!

Rich Dannys said...

Wow!! That so-totally rocks!
I love what you did with this, Michael.. Beautiful work!

Eric Wight said...

Man that page is dreamy! Can you do me a favor and reink Colletta's entire Thor run?

Michael Cho said...

Mike Thompson: thanks, Mike. As for alternating colours and more pages...I'm way ahead of you.

Drazen: thanks, Drazen. Love the recent stuff on your blog too.

Rich: Hey! Good to hear from you, Rich. Thanks for the compliment.

Eric: Thanks, buddy! I'll ink those Colletta pages for you ASAP...I figure with all the press MDG is getting, you must be able to pay me top rates now to do it! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your interpretation. You kick Jim Lee's ass!

IPMC Design said...

Great stuff Mike, but Loki and Thor are not a favorite subject of mine when it comes to Kirby. How 'bout some New Gods? or Forever People? even a Jimmy Olson! How 'bout it?

I was going to comment earlier but I was waiting to get a "word verification' that resembled a good ol' "KROMP!"

Kevin Barber said...

Gold brother. Love your work and sensibilities !!!