Thursday, January 05, 2006


Hey all,

Michael Cho, here! Thanks for viewing this little sketchbook page of mine. I'll post new drawings and doodles from time to time here, for your perusal. Comments and critiques are always welcome!



liam said...

Welcome aboard Mike! Looking forward to seeing your works in progress.

Don't stay up too late!

Mark said...

Hi Michael
I really love this image of yours it reminds me of some of the space book illustrations I read around the 1960's.

Johnny ortiz said...

Anyone that digs Kirby as much as you, is okay by me.


Mike Laughead said...

I love this illustration. You should do two color band posters.

Eric Blair said...

Well, I officially made it all the way through your blog. Holy smokes, that's a whole lotta' awesome! I REALLY dig your work, man!