Friday, February 10, 2006

Comics are for Kids! (part 2)

Here are 2 cover images, drawn last year. These were drawn for a couple of proposed graphic novels to be written by talented toronto writer/cartoonist Brian Mclachlan. If you haven't already seen his work, you can check out the link to his wickedly hilarious strip the Princess Planet to get an idea of his dementia, er, genius.

Anyway, we were trying to come up with some ideas for self-contained graphic novels aimed at younger readers. Brian came up with all the concepts, characters and storylines and I drew up these sample covers to help pitch the idea. Unfortunately, nothing came of it, as the pitches seemed to get lost in the shuffle of both our packed schedules. Still, I thought it'd be fun to post these here. I'll leave it to you to determine what's going on in the drawings...or perhaps Brian will post an explanation himself...?


Carlos V. said...

I love you blog and your work!!! This is AWSOME!!

remgeo said...

There is no better superpower than controlling a marionette with a flaming pumpkin head! That's awesome, Mike! I love the drawings, and am very happy to be able to follow your work through your blog.


PS. I went and got one, too -

Calavera Kid said...

great images mike! good to see some normal headed people in the repetoire ;)

m cho said...

Thanks dudes for the nice comments!

Remi: Nice to hear from you again -- I know, blogging is contagious: I only started after trying to post a comment on my buddy J. Bone's blog. I checked out yer site -- great stuff as always, dude!

Ramon: yeah, like you're one to talk! BNS is TOTALLY drawn big headed style!


mo said...

hey michael:

finally had a chance to come on down and check you out! lovin' the blog -- i put it on my rss feed so i can find out exactly when it's updated. Better correct the spelling of Brian's last name before he sees it though. Make it official!


m cho said...

Oops! Sorry about the spelling, Brian! But its corrected now, so call off the mino-corns and discount draculas...!

Alina Chau said...

very nice comic drawings! Love the details and sooo much activities!

the doodlers said...

Hi Michael! Everytime we visit Pages bookstore, (favourite in T.O.) we admire your wonderful signs hanging in the isles. We've linked to your blog, and we'll visit again soon.

Great blog!

m cho said...

Thanks again for the nice comments, folks! Its great to hear positive feedback from such a diverse group of talented artists!