Tuesday, October 03, 2006

See No Evil

Here's a spot illustration I did recently for Canadian Business Magazine (Tim Davin, art director). It was to accompany an article on stock regulators. It might sound pretty dry but really, how could I ever turn down an opportunity to draw monkeys?


Mike Thompson said...

Again, very well done.

flipstudios said...

Michael, just found your site and I'm lovin it. Everyone keeps saying it but you are the two-tone master. I'm gonna link my friend. Cheers,


Mooch Rex said...

Fantastic illustration! You can never go wrong when dealing with monkeys:) I too stumbled across your blog and I'm glad I have. Your "Back Alleyways" pieces are some of the most beautifully atmospheric drawings I've seen in a very long time. They have so much personality. I'm just a huge fan of your work. Completely inspiring!

m cho said...

Mike -- thanks again, Mike!

Andrew -- Cheers to you too, Andrew. Your art and blog are also awesome.

Mooch rex -- thank you! I'm really glad you found my drawings inspiring -- that's the highest compliment from a fellow artist I can think of.

Steve Simpson said...

Brilliant Michael!

Ugo said...

What's with Chos and monkeys?

Great illo, love it.