Monday, December 04, 2006

Illustration Work: Karnhuset (part 1)

Recently, I did a series of illustrations for Swedish design agency, Karnhuset, for their upcoming website re-design. I was contacted by Jakob Westman, who also happens to be a pretty snazzy illustrator, and he commissioned me to do some fun portraits of himself and his fellow staff, as well as some other graphics and illustrations.

I'll post more images and graphics later, but for now, here's a couple of the staff portraits I drew up. These pretty much drew themselves, mainly because the Karnhuset gang have a lot of style anyway, and working with another illustrator as a contact made it easier, since Jakob drew up some nice concept sketches for me to see what he wanted.

For the final art, I drew these with coloured ink on paper. They were then scanned and and cleaned it up a bit in photoshop. The drawings were all painted in the same colour, but for variety's sake I decided to re-colour each individually here.


Anonymous said...

You do the nicest anti-hipster hipsters!

Don Van Horn said...

Nice stuff Mike! I never get sick of looking at your art.

Jakob said...

It was a pleasure working with you Mike. Expect another comission next week or so.

Anonymous said...

amazing use of inks and colors!!! Very bold and eyecatching. More, please!

LEO said...

You`ll be got a mail. :->

Your hands can make a really huge magic. Nice stuff, Michael.

m cho said...

King of Hearts: thanks, BMC...I think.

Don: Nice hearing from you again. Thanks for the kind words.

Jakob: And it was a pleasure working with you Jakob. I'm glad we'll be working together again!

Chris: Thanks, chris. Is this the same Chris Chua on the drawing board? The one from Ten Ton Studios (I think)?

Leo: Thanks, SB!! Great hearing from you! I'll write back soon!

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