Monday, April 21, 2008

Papercut: "Waiting." (part 2)

My latest installment of my webcomic Papercut is now online at Transmission-x. It's the second part of "Waiting", a 30 page story, which I'm serializing over the course of a few months. I was actually quite late with this update, as I meant to post it last month, but due to illness and deadlines, I was very delayed and it had to wait until just a few days ago. Hopefully, some of you will visit the site and check it out.

And, of course, if you're interested, you can check out the process from rough thumbnail to final art for the page below.

Also, in related news, Papercut has been nominated for a Shuster Award (the award for Canadian comics creators). It's been nominated under the "outstanding webcomic" category, along with fellow Transmission-X creators Cameron Stewart (for Sin Titulo), Karl Kershl (for the Abominable Charles Christopher), Ramon Perez (for both Kukuburi and Butternut Squash co-written by Rob Coughler) and Scott Hepburn (for The Port). The other nominees in the category are Gisele Lagace (for Penny and Aggie), Scott Ransoomer (for Vg Cats) and Ryan Shomer and Lar De Souza (for Least I Could Do).  

All of those are great comics, but I find it particularly flattering that of the 8 nominees, 5 of them are from our own Transmission-X collective!


Chris Wahl said...

Amazing work as always, Michael.

The green is becoming somewhat of a Cho trademark. It really is a beautiful colour.

alan said...

I'd assumed the green was laid in entirely in photoshop, with a Wacom or whatever, or done on a black overlay. The two-colour style is lovely. Love to see the progression from thumbnails

Michael Cho said...

Chris: thanks, Chris! Always good to hear from you -- hope you're keeping well. You're probably busy with a zillion different assignments.

Alan: Thanks, Alan. I usually do the green and black on the same page at the same time and then even out the tones in pshop later. I find doing it together usually makes the process a bit more fluid and spontaneous than making 2 separate plates.