Friday, July 18, 2008

T.S. Eliot

This one's a commission request I did last weekend during the Paradise Comic Con. The owner of this piece is Steven Gettis, who has amassed an amazing collection of drawings of literary figures by illustrators. He also owns another piece by me, from my very very early years so its hilarious to see the evolution of my artwork.

His collection really is incredible, and you can see why being given the freedom to draw whatever author or character the illustrator wanted inspired the very best work from the artists. I know it was a pleasure for me to draw my piece.


Danny said...

If I had the freedom....and well, could draw, I would draw one of my favourite artist/writer - Michael Cho!

Eric Talbot said...

I have a Zelazny piece in the works for Steven. By in the works I mean it's in my head waiting in line to get out and on some paper. He really does have an impressive archive of artworks.

Michael Cho said...

Danny: thanks, Danny!

Eric: Oh maaaan, I'd love to see how you handle that commission!

Jason Chalker said...

Very nice, Mike. If given the chance, I think I would choose Tolkien, Hemingway or Twain. They all have such great faces.