Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fan Expo 2008

I'll be appearing this weekend (August 22 - 24th) at Fan Expo, here in sunny Toronto. It's actually my first time at this convention, so I'm really not sure what to expect. I keep hearing though that its the biggest comic-con in Canada, so in my mind I'm picturing a smaller, kinder and gentler version of the San Diego comic-con . I'll be seated with the rest of the Transmission-x gang, selling prints and doing sketches for any attendees who want to purchase one.

When I first started attending cons like this a couple of years ago, I used to be petrified of doing sketches on the spot. After all, I'm used to working in the privacy and comfort of my studio, listening to my itunes or a with a TV playing in the background. I thought sketching at cons would be a horrible experience, but I quickly found out the reverse was true. I enjoy talking and goofing around with comic fans, and I quickly realized I had an innate ability to carry on a conversation while drawing a picture of Wolverine fighting Iron Man (trust me, its a totally necessary skill). I've also found it really pleasant to see some fans over and over again, and catch up with what they're doing in their lives. All in all, my con sketching experience has been pretty positive and I'm very thankful about that.

Now, if you're wondering what kind of sketches I do at events, you can check below for a sampling of drawings I've done for people over the last year or two. Bear in mind though that there's one cardinal rule about con sketches: the very best ones never make it online, and the worst ones always get the most exposure. So the cool Joker or Creeper drawing I did that I was really proud of will probably never be seen, while the horrible Captain America I busted out for free at the end of the night will get viewed by everyone. That's just the way it rolls in sketchland!

Special thanks to everyone who's sketches are posted here. Sorry I didn't contact you first for permission -- I really really hope you won't mind.


Anonymous said...

I don't think you need permission to post your own artwork - while they may have bought the physical piece of art, you still own the copyright on it.

Great stuff, by the way!


Ben said...

Not only is that just a fantastic drawing of Dr. Fate, but if I look at it just right I can convince myself he's got a beautiful afro.

Also, the rest are fantastic as well.

Danny said...

Holy cow Michael!

That sketch of the Green Lantern and The Flash are incredible!

The owner of those art pieces must be one lucky b@$tard and probably incredibly handsome!

Luc said...

Heh. If "Anonymous" is correct about you "owning the copyright" to these characters, than someone owes you millions of dollars! :)

Seriously though, I absolutely love your work. Not sure I've posted before, but I have your blog in my feeds and it's always a joy to see you post new work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Not to the characters of course (those are trademarks of DC or Marvel), but the art itself. It's more obvious with a print or photograph, where you might sell the individual prints, but you retain ownership of the copyright and creativity.

Brian said...

Fantastic. What pens/paint are you doing the art with if I may ask. The Iron Man looks really sweet.


mike said...

man, those are great. so classic.

Joel said...

sob.... No con for me Mike, I was really hoping to go.

Hope it's a good one!

Alina Chau said...

Great variety of artworks!

Doc Shaner said...

Man, that Flash pic is just teasing me for not following up on getting that commission from you a year or so ago. Dang.

Love 'em all though, especially that Fate.

Tiff said...

It was so great meeting you again at FanExpo, Michael--we had that brief chat about the Taddlecreek cover, and I picked up one of your Toronto backalley prints. My friends and I really love your work--I'm so glad you posted that T.S. Eliot commission you did--it's unbelievable. Hope to see you at more Toronto cons soon!

Tim Baron said...

Wow these are beautiful.

I love how your black ink only gives definition to part of the image forcing the viewer's eye and use of color to "close the image" so to speak.

These make me wanna go draw pictures: )

Michael Cho said...

thanks for all the nice comments, everyone. Most of the time, I feel my con-sketches are hurried drawings, so I'm never as pleased with the results as I would be if I did them at home. It's nice to see some people still like them though!

Gary: As you mentioned, the comic companies own the rights to the actual characters. And you are right, I own the 'moral rights' to the original piece of art. The reason I apologized was 'cause, really, it never hurts to be polite and ask permission first. Thanks for the kind words on the work!

Ben: hahahah! Nice one, dude. Hope you're keeping well out east!

Danny: lol. Yes, the owner of those sketches must be one lucky and handsome dude. Hope you liked the Marty Manhunter I did for you this time around. Its always great to see you and your brother at these things.

Luc: thanks, Luc! I actually found about your incredible work through my buddy J. Bone. It's really flattering that you dig my stuff too.

Brian: hey, Brian. At cons, I usually sketch using disposable brush pens -- usually of the Faber Castell PITT pen variety. Hope that info helps you out.

Mike: hey, Mike! Nice to hear from you.

Joel: Yeah, you and your buddy Geoff were missed at this con, buddy. Hope you're keeping well.

Alina: thanks, Alina. Nice to hear from you too!

Evan Shaner: hey, Evan! thanks for the nice words. Did we talk about a commish before? If we did, it TOTALLY slipped my mind...erg! Drop me an email sometime, k?

TIFF: Thanks for the kind words! I do remember chatting with you briefly -- thanks for stopping by :)

Tim: thanks, Tim!