Monday, August 25, 2008

Fan Expo over

Yep, Fan Expo 2008 is over...and now I'm both buzzed and exhausted. As I mentioned, it was my first time at this event, and it was a great time. I arrived at my table at artists alley on Friday afternoon, and was really surprised at how many people immediately hit me up for sketches. I didn't even have time to set up properly before I had a half-dozen sketch requests. By end of Friday, my list was way too long, and I had to stop taking any more requests -- or else I'd have to get some kind of cybernetic drawing arm ( I could have found one at the con). Needless to say, I spent the rest of the weekend getting through them all, so I didn't really get a chance to walk the floor or check out the con much until late Sunday afternoon! For most of the con, all I saw was my table, the washroom, and the coffee stall. Luckily, the coffee was good and strong.

As well, it was great seeing and meeting some other artists who's work I know, but have never met, or with whom I've shared emails, but never had a chance to hang out with face to face. Like Eric Talbot, who is one supremely talented guy, and who was really great to chat with for the few minutes that we both got a chance to leave our tables. Same for Michael Choi -- who was really sweet to meet. We often get mistaken for each other at these things (or Frank Cho, or Brandon Choi), so I think it'd be great if one day all of us Korean comic artists could share a table together -- and cause some kind of matter/anti-matter explosion! And as is usual at these local cons, my tablemates like Scott Hepburn, Ramon Perez and Ray Fawkes made the experience as enjoyable as possible.

Anyway, my thanks to everyone who stopped by to buy a print, or some artwork or just to chat. Meeting and shooting the breeze with comic fans is always a highlight of any con I attend, and this one was no different. Comic fans come diverse, and there's a huge range of interests, which I enjoy hearing about. For the folks who drove in for hours from out of town -- I'm really flattered you stopped by the table for a bit. And of course, my apologies to anyone who's sketch requests I had to turn away -- honestly, I just can't draw any faster! I hope you'll look me up at a smaller event around town so I can make it up to you.

And luckily this time around, I had an opportunity to scan a few sketches before I gave them to the owners, so here's a small sampling of the 20 or so drawings did over the weekend:

I drew this Captain America one for a fellow who never picked it up. Even though those "secret invasion" covers are murder to draw on (they're glossy so they make my markers streak and take a while to dry), I kinda like the sketch, so maybe I'll keep it or sell it at another con in the future:

Same for this Wonder Woman one -- though the person who wanted this one paid me in advance. If you're the person who asked for this one, please email me and we'll work out some kind of delivery:


Nick M said...

Hey Michael. This is the guy who, late Sunday at the con, wanted to purchase that Superman print you had but ended up taking your photo with it instead, since it was sold. The photo turned out nicely. I'll email it to you if you'd like.
It was great being introduced to your work. I like your style and the colours you use. Hopefully we'll meet again at some future event.
-Nick M

Danny said...

Let me geek out for a second.... OMG! OMG! OMG! Now that I have a better chance of having a look, that Batman is awesome!!! Kudos to the lucky fan that got that!

Um....Michael, you know I am going to eventually ask for a Batman....and uh, everyone else, right?!?!

I can't believe someone did not pick up their sketch cover. I hate the Skrull themed sketch cover concept, but that Cap Ameriskrull sketch is top notch!

Michael Cho said...

Nick: thanks for the comment, dude. Yeah, I remember you taking that pic! I wish I'd brought more of the Superman one to the show, but I always end up bringing less of the one people seem to want -- its like murphy's law or something. Anyway, I definitely hope we'll meet up again some time in the future.

Danny: ha! Sucka! But didn't you get a couple of other sketches from me? I recall doing a Marty Manhunter one that your brother interrupted me on while I was lettering it -- hence the typo (and save) :). At any rate, its always great seeing you and your brother at these shows -- I'm sure I'll get an opportunity to draw you something else sometime.

Danny said...

Dude, that 'Supergirl' is framed...just gotta find wall space :-(

Y'know, my brother never mentioned he interrupted you.... I think he may have another version. I like your version better, and I am so going to use in the description when I post it on ComicArtFans. LOL

Regardless, you actually made Martian Manhunter look cool and tough! Many thanks!

Eddy said...

Nice sketches! Hopefully, I can get my own someday!

-Eddy Choi
(Not to be confused with Mike Choi or Brandon Choi or Frank Cho or...)

RLS said...

These are kick ass sketches, Mike. Glad you had a great time at the con. I would have liked to have gone this year but I just didn't have any free time.
Looks like the con's become biger and better since the old Canadian National Comic Book Expo days.
The guy who asked for that Skrull Cap is going to be sorry 'cause that sketch is frigging awesome. My fav is the Iron Man, though.

Jason Truong said...

Ugh... talk about timing. If ya wanna blame me, I'll take the blame. :)

The real mistake is that you put "Danny" instead of "Jason." :D

That Batman, Phenomenal! I also love the Skrull Cap.

Andrew O Murray said...

Kick Ass Batman Michael,

I got my print that I bought all nice and framed now. Thanks a bunch! Looking forward to seeing more stuff.

Eric Talbot said...

Michael - Your con sketches are amazing! Boy what a busy show that was. It was good to meet you for the 2 free minutes I had all weekend.

I'll see you next year if you do the show again.

alan said...

Michael these are some consistently cool sketches. No wonder you're popular at the cons. Great poses, great colours. Batman's cape is fantastic.

Kristen said...

That WW sketch is AMAZING. Yes, SDCC is completely crazy, but very fun. Please come so I can get a sketch!

Zander Cannon said...

Michael-- this work is awesome. First found your stuff in Project Romantic, and it's cool to run across your blog.

I love the style you use, seemingly working almost entirely in color then adding lines only where necessary; it's refreshing to see that, particularly as applied to mainstream comics.


tania said...

my husband bought me one of your beautiful alleyway prints-
i love it!
thanks and wonderful work!
and glad you had a good show-

the doodlers said...

What a great drawing of Wonderwoman- the absence of line in the final piece really makes it.

Cheers, Michael! - Arna

Alina Chau said...

Nice set of artworks!

Bobby Nash said...

Just ran across your site. Very cool sketches, Michael. You do great work.


Michael Cho said...

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. Sorry I've been so bad at responding lately -- I've just been so busy with work and family! But thanks to you all for dropping by and saying such kind words.

Dyl said...

Love your stuff.
I don't like that you don't leave your e-mail on all these comments.
Great style.

Michael Cho said...

Thanks, Dyl. People can post comments here anonymously, without leaving their email address, and that's fine with me. If you're looking for MY email, its at the top of the blog, under "About Me".