Sunday, April 12, 2009

Canon Street

This is a quick sketch I painted up one night while battling writer's block. Actually, it's probably more accurate to say that I painted it while procrastinating from some writing. It was painted in gouache and ink, and the background was inspired by my memories of growing up in Hamilton, Ontario. This sketch is also a companion piece to an older sketch I posted ages ago.


Cadwell said...

New desktop! :)

Dustin dArnault said...

Pretty sweet! Do you produce all your pieces in this method? Gouache and ink?

d. merrill said...

Is that in downtown Hamilton, or is that up on top of the hill or mountain or whatever it is? We were tooling around Hamilton and noticed a storefront of a closed record store that kinda looked like your illustration.

Also it looks terrific, but you knew that.

Marcelo Garcia said...

And some people say procrastinating is a bad thing... Great work, as always.
By the way, you are my favorite illustrator of all time for this week:

Michael Cho said...

Adam: thanks, buddy!

Dustin: Not always. For the last few years, I've just been doing the tones with a marker to save time. But lately, I've enjoyed getting back to using gouache.

D. Merril: its supposed to be in the downtown of Hamilton. But the record store is not based on any real location -- I fudged the signage. Its mostly from my memories of that part of the city.

Marcello: your all-time favourite of the week? lol -- quite an honour :)

Hem. said...

Dearest Mike -
You are tricky.

- Hem.

Hem. said...

P.S. Just went back and looked at the sketch again - Reminds me of photos of my Mother in the 60's.
( Sounds of Sonic Youth dissonance growl lilting guitars out past murmuring leaves in growing shadow . . . . . . )

- Hem.