Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Galactus vs. Iron Fist

Continuing on with my theme of pre-Fan Expo comissions, here's two more. This time it's of Galactus (eater of worlds) and Iron Fist (that blonde and blue eyed kung fu hero). I've doodled Iron Fist a few times in the past in my sketchbook, but I always avoided drawing Galactus -- that armour of his is really complicated and hard to draw. Don't get me wrong, the Kirby's design is great, and he makes a hell of a silhouette, but getting all those details right took a lot more time than I expected!

Like the other sketches in this series these were done on 9" x 12" bristol, in gouache and ink.


Ev said...

These are great! I'm lovin' Iron Fist!

Davis Dewsbury said...

Your Iron Fist is awesome, Michael!!!


damon said...


jason quinones said...

excellent shading on that fist pic! love the black white and green look too! amazing work as always!!

Paul Conrad said...

DANG that Iron Fist is great!!

The Stapelia Company said...

Galactus is my favorite so far. I love both the character and the space background. Love it!

Dylanio21 said...

That Galactus jumps off the page.

CosmicPencil said...


These are all fantastic!
I am doing up a commission on a Daredevil on Red Paper and I keep on looking at your DD envious with the amount of talent you hold in your mighty brush.

Also had a chance to speak to Darwyn briefly at SDCC and he had a few 'choice' words to say about you, all sarcastically I hope.

Keep up the good work!


Joel Priddy said...

Dammit, Michael, this blog post's title is totally false advertising. Do you know how excited I was when I saw the words, "Galactus vs. Iron Fist?"

Please make this cosmic kung-fu dream happen.

Eric Orchard said...


Ben said...

Not only are these both awesome, but that Galactus would be perfect to transform into a DJ-ing poster just by adding a turntable and maybe re-kajiggering his helmet-antlers into some sort of fancy head-phones. Just a suggestion, but I think it'd be neat!

Jay said...

Galactus looks as though he's seen the Ultimate Nullifier!

Michael Cho said...

Ev: thanks, dude.

Davis Dewsbury: thanks. I enjoyed drawing that Iron Fist one too. I'm a child of 80's marvel comics like that.

Damon: thanks, Damon.

Jason: Hey Jason, thanks for the kind words. I was trying to come up with some fun lighting to keep my interest up with these drawings.

Paul: thank, buddy. Hope you're keeping well.

the Stapelia Company: Thanks! I wouldn't have guessed you were a Galactus fan:)

Dylanio21: thanks -glad you liked it.

CosmicPencil: thanks, Matt. I'm sure Dar always has 'choice' words about me :)

Joel: Hey, Joel - great hearing from you again! Dude, I am so sorry to disappoint you like that. I hope you and your family have been keeping well. Someday, I'll draw you a Galactus vs. IronFist drawing -- but only after I draw a BRUCE LEE vs. Galactus drawing. THAT would be the fresh hotness.

Eric: thanks, Eric. Hope you're digging T.O.

Ben: hey, Ben -- nice to hear from you again! And your suggestion is pretty much on the money. I can totally picture it now.

Jay: Lol -- I dunno what he's looking at in the picture, to be honest. I was just asked to draw Galactus with an outstretched hand. :)

Fred Reyes said...

Just discovered your blog and love it. Don't stop!

alan said...

These are superb, Mike. Iron Fist is brilliant. Heck they both are.

=shane white= said...

Just saw your spread in ILLO magazine...very cool, dude!


Dan McDaid said...

Bloody hell, these are fantastic. But like Joel, I was absolutely ready to see Danny laying the Chi down on the Devourer of Worlds. :)

Brilliant stuffs anyway!

Michael Cho said...

Fred: thanks, Fred. Glad you stopped by.

Alan: thanks, Alan. I think I like these two the best of the sketches I've done so far.

Shane: Hey, Shane. Thanks very much! I hope all is well with you and your projects.

Dan: thanks, Dan.

j. said...

I love that Galactus! Very eerie...almost frightening!