Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Pablo Picasso

This is a small painting of Pablo Picasso I did for a charity art-show and auction, to raise funds for Haiti. They asked for a head-shot of any kind and, after half an hour of wracking my brains for what to draw, I decided to ask for some suggestions via twitter. My thanks to B. Clay Moore for suggesting this. This was painted in gouache and ink on bristol and is about 7" x 9" in size.

Incidentally, Picasso's Les Damoiselles D'Avignon is one of my favourite paintings of all time. It might even be my favourite, actually.


Arkonbey said...

Interesting piece. You have a knack for making marks that look specific and energetic at the same time. You really captured his eyes, too. It would make a fantastic poster the re-release of Surviving Picasso.

Did you notice the 16 x 20 "Les Damoiselles D'Avignon" in 'Titanic'?

When my art school buddies and I saw that we laughed out loud. We'd gone to MoMA to see the massive original just a few months before.

I wonder if it was a mistake or an intentional meta thing. Like on ST:TNG where the Collector (who collects Data) has a large, poster-sized "Persistence of Memory". Was the director aware that the original was only 13" x 9", and was showing that the Collector had been duped?

Oh, I also heard that the ladies would turn the color of a juicy avocado when Pablo Picasso would drive down the street in his El Dorado.

Jason Chalker said...

Very nice. For some reason it reminds me of Brando's face on the Apocalypse Now poster. Maybe it's the color and intensity? Regardless, it's a great piece!

@Arkonbey- They also could not resist his stare.

Anonymous said...

It's stunning! I really like it!

Michael Cho said...

Arkonbey: Thanks :) I didn't catch that repro in Titanic - but that is kinda funny. I've seen the original at the MOMA, and I always make sure to check it out again whenever I'm in NYC. That's certainly an interesting theory re: why James Cameron would put it there. LOL.

Jason Chalker: thanks, buddy. Now that makes 3 Jonathan Richman fans in the group (I'm a huge fan too).

Anonymous: thank you to you too.

Jann said...

Great piece! I bought 10 minutes ago!!!