Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sports Biographies

I apologize for not posting anything on my blog for a while.  I was tied up with 3 month long project, drawing a lot of comic book covers, which I'll share in a little while.  In the meantime, here are a few sports biography book covers I did for Little Brown and Co.  They're for the "Matt Christopher" series of sports biographies.   Above is Drew Brees, below you can see Babe Ruth and Blake Griffin.

All the artwork was drawn from photo reference, in a combination of traditional and digital art.


Charlie Honey said...

Hi Michael Cho,

My name is Charlie Honey and I'm a student at Etobicoke School of the Arts (Just by Royal York station in Toronto). I read your book Shoplifter and was charmed by the wonderful colour choices and renditions a city setting. I had a question about the shape of the text boxes when your character Corinna speaks to the reader - I was wondering why the boxes are shaped differently on the right side. I'm assuming it's a stylistic choice? One of my favourite scenes from Shoplifter was when Corinna is in the shower and considering if she really likes her life as it is. The page with the mirror, the polar bear and the city buildings is beautiful! As an aspiring comic artist I'm always trying to study different styles and learn. I'd love to hear back from you.


Michael Cho said...

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the kind words about Shoplifter and the thoughtful question. It's always nice to hear from aspiring cartoonists, especially a fellow Torontonian (well, Etoicoke-ian). Anyway, regarding the text boxes, they're a design choice. I made them irregular shaped on one side to mimic the look of a torn out diary entry. It's a stylistic thing that several comics have used to differentiate first-person narrative from regular caption boxes. It also allows me to create some added visual interest, and avoids problems with placing a big old rectangle in a composition blocking the artwork and creating weird tangents. Hope that helps. Thanks for the nice comment on the scene - I was hoping that transition would work well. Good luck on your studies and your future comics career! You can always email me via the email address listed at the top right of my blog.