Friday, March 03, 2006

Rockets Go!

Ok, as a little break from those Peak Oil doodles, here are a couple of sketches of rockets, girls, and outer space from my files. They were drawn in a poor attempt at homage to two of my favourite sci-fi artists: Wally Wood and Al Williamson.


Stereotopffer said...

I'am so scared about the oil theme i can't hardly articulate these words:

Wally Wood and Al Williamson rocks!!!!

(you too by the way)

Dominic Bugatto said...


Lovely inking.

Makes me want to revisit my Kirby/Wood Skymasters book.

remgeo said...

I love the halftones on the Cosmonaut illo!

Back in the day, I bought a big sheet of Letraset duotone transfer. It was so expensive, I rarely ever used it because I found it almost impossible to deem an illustration "worthy" of using it!

Calavera Kid said...

these's are great mike!

one of these days i'm gonna have to buy or trade you some art, so your stuff can grace my walls...

scott said...

I don't know who those guys are, but thanks to you, I'll look them up and learn all about them. btw I love the rocket girls, and everything else you do. I have yet to read about peak oil, but I have a funny (not ha ha funny) feeling that peak oil means we're boned. I myself have long tried to imagine what it would be like if the world oil supply ran out in my lifetime (which is very possible). In any case, keep up the good work!

Rebekit said...

incredible blog


m cho said...

Thanks everyone!

Stereotopffer -- I like your cultural tastes!

dominic - Hah! Nice eye! I was totally grooving on the Skymasters Kirby/Wood vibe for the first one. Was there ever a better combo for sci-fi?

Remi- Thanks again. I tried to hunt down some letra-set lately, and found most of it gone. The only thing left on the market is manga-type tones, which are similar but made in japan. For my sketches, I actually just printed out some tones I made in photoshop onto full-sheet sticker paper. It was messy, but it left out that "intimidation" factor. But I also have some craft-tint board which I'm still saving for a "worthy " project myself!

Ramon -- muchas gracias, mi amigo! But I know we share some influences...!

Scott -- Thanks for the very nice comments! You'll really dig Wally Wood and Al Williamson -- those guys can REALLY draw! Hope you'll visit again.

Rebekit -- thanks! You have a very cool blog too!

Don Van Horn said...

I still love the wonderful space pieces you do. One of the jewels in my original art collection has to be the Rocketworld: Spacescape painting I bought off of you many, many moons ago and these seem to be in the same vein.