Monday, March 27, 2006

Toronto back alleys pt 4

Here's another drawing of the back alleys around my neighbourhood in downtown Toronto. Maybe they remind you of back alleys in your neighbourhood as well.

In keeping with the other recent drawings, I'm dedicating this one to another good friend of mine. This one's for Joyce, who moved out west a while ago but whom I hope will move back home to Toronto again sometime.


Chris Wahl said...

Hey Michael

These drawings are beautiful!

I'm very envious of your brush skills. I never did get the hang of using a brush, but you obviously perservered and now reap the rewards.

I love your Kirby inks too.

Andrew said...

This back alley series is really fantastic. And, here upon my first visit, I'm enjoying your blog as a whole! Mind if I add you to my sidebar links?

m cho said...

Chris -- Thanks, Chris. I can't believe you do your stuff without using a brush! I would never have known if you hadn't told me -- especially with your recent stuff. But I understand your frustration with it. I may just be slow, but it took me at least 3 years of brush inking before I stopped cursing after every single line I put down...

Andrew: Thanks, dude! I'm glad you stopped by. Thanks also for the link -- your blog has fantastic stuff on it!

Chad H. said...

I've never tried to limit myself to two colors. That is some great artwork. Very nice.

warren said...

Hey hey!

Just want to say I've been 'lurking' for a while over here, and loving your work. So sophisticated!

If you're still showing at the SpeakEasy, maybe I'll bump into you there. I'm not sure if I can make it with deadlines and all, but we'll see.

ps Thanks for the compliments on my blog!

Carlos V. said...

Im loving this series Michael! Are they personal work or is it for an upcoming project? Oh and your Jack Kirby drawings are really tempting me to gove it a try!

m cho said...

Chad -- Thanks for the compliments. Its fun and also a good excercise to work in 2 colours. I've always had fun with it.

Warren -- Thanks for the kind words. Yup, I'm still going to be a the speakeasy event. Hopefully you can make it out.

Carlos -- thanks, Carlos. These are mostly personal drawings I did after work. They're not really part of any big project. I just happen to draw the same themes over and over...hahah. Anyway, I'd love to see how you take on inking Kirby! That'd be really cool!

joyceb said...

thanks for the dedication, michael. i miss those back alleys too. i'll be back soon, if only for a visit.