Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Toronto back alleys pt 10

Another drawing in ink-markers, done a few weeks ago.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, I think you should make prints and t-shirts of your 2-colour work. I'd buy them up for sure!
- Diana

Don Van Horn said...


I saw this one when I was over Saturday. I kept thinking, "I haven't seen that on the blog yet, have I?" Another great piece of art.

rls said...

Another damn nice one Michael. I love the variety of tones and textures you're able to convey with the simple green.

Mike Thompson said...

lovely work...great range of values...even the graffiti is good.

scott said...

Hi Mike, great work as usual :-)

I have tagged a recent photo of mine as Choesque in your honor. Its not that great of a photo, but I just wanted to photograph some alleyways in my brother town when they reminded me of your work.


Stef said...

your work is absolutely beautiful.

mbuckl1 said...

A real stunner.

HartCactus said...

YEP...prints would be very cool! Anuder amazing illo Mike!


m cho said...

Thanks everyone!

Diana: That's a great idea. I'm actually looking into that right now.

Don: Thanks, don! It was great seeing you too.

RLS: thanks again, dude.

Mike: Glad you liked it, Mike.

Scott: Hey, Scott. Nice photo. Thanks for the "homage"!

Stef: Thank you. I hope you'll stop by again.

mbuck1: Thanks very much.

Hart: thanks, Hart. Nice to hear from you again too.

Bob MacNeil said...


Happened upon your site after seeing you post on one of the boards, and man, I absolutely love your Toronto series. Are you working with photo ref or are you doing these from live memory.


Rob Swizzle said...

It's time to publish a book of these. Your back alley drawings could be an amazing historical record. It sounds like an Arts Council no brainer!

m cho said...

Thanks, Bob! Glad you liked them. I'll post more later. As for photos, yes I do use reference. For these drawings, I'll take photos on site and draw some sketches, then I'll draw the final from those in my studio. I find that I don't remember all the interesting little details which are so important if I just draw from memory.

Bob MacNeil said...

They are great, I did a series of environment designs for an X-box game (which I can't name just yet) based on neighborhoods where I live in NJ. Your work is what I wanted to push for what I did, but the client felt it was too realistic. They wanted more stylized, which IMO killed the whole feel of the project. I should let them see your work and make them realize their mistake... :) Again, congrats on the beautiful work.

Alan said...

Really great contrast. Fab work!

mike said...

I love these drawings in ink-markers. They make the hair on the back of my legs stand up.