Friday, November 10, 2006

Sketchbook Heroes

I'm trying to post a little more often to this blog, so here's a few quick super-hero sketches I drew up recently. I've been trying to loosen up by doing more of my drawing in ink and not pencilling as much, so these were actually drawn completely in markers with no pencil drawing at all. I first sketched out the figure in a coloured marker, and then inked over it on a light-box to arrive at the final. All in all, each sketch took about 10-20 minutes of time --a quick doodle break in the middle of the day!

Incidentally, all three heroes (the Black Panther, Captain Victory and Iron-Man) were created by Jack "King" Kirby -- I just find doodling Kirby-designed heroes to be so much fun.


Bill Nolan said...

Very nice work on these! Iron Man is my favorite, I think...

- Bill

m cho said...

Thanks, Bill. He's my fav. too.

HartCactus said...

I dig 'em all Mike!!!

Hmmmm...makes me think of gettin' an Iron Man commish from you some day! :)


Yancy Street said...

These kick all kindsa butt!
Love 'em!

warren said...

hot damn. You got your shorthand down. Who needs pencils when you can ink straight-ahead like this? Just think of all the time you could save by wingin' it! Clients would nevah know.

I won't tell. But I'll be jealous.