Thursday, March 15, 2007

Toronto Back Alleys pt. 13

For those who asked, here's another back alley painting. And, like the last one, its a winter scene. This one took a little longer than usual to draw, mainly because I was trying to be very careful with it. I drew this after I had screwed up a drawing just previous to this one (not posted here). There's few things that bum me out more than blowing a drawing in the last few moments after spending hours on it. It really deflates me. An old art teacher of mine once told me that you don't make one mistake, you always make at least two -- you make a mistake and then you quickly make another trying to fix it. And then, sometimes, you make another and another....which of course, is exactly what happened! Anyway, the problem with working with coloured inks like I do is that there's very few ways to fix mistakes once you've made them. I also try to be fairly spontaneous and loose with these sketches as well, so it can be a bit of a balancing act trying to experiment without making mistakes.

Regardless, I thought this one worked out well enough to share here. I hope you like it!


Kyu Shim said...

Your best yet.

Mike Thompson said...

Exceptional work, Mike.

Jerry Paris said...

Hi Michael,
I've just been given a link to your sketchbook and wanted to say how fantastic I think your work is. I was given the link by a friend, as by coincidence, I'd just finished using Blogger to do my new portfolio -- using it seems almost the same template as you chose for your page. My friend had noticed this as he knew of your work. So I thought it only right to send you the link to my blog!

Hope you like my work. I'm a massive Kirby fan and that lead me to work for Marvel Comics when I was younger-- so it's great to see your inks over the Kirby pencils.

Anyway, nice to have found your work and I'll keep checking back regularly, especially for the back alleys covered in snow (we don't seem to get snow here anymore!).

Kind regards,
Jerry Paris

Michael Cho said...

Kyu: thanks, buddy. Glad you liked it.

Mike: thanks again for stopping by, Mike!

Jerry: thanks for the nice words, Jerry! What a fun blog you have as well -- such a diverse amount of work!

Anthony Carpenter said...

Beautiful work, Michael. Your duo-tone style really enhances an image like this and gives it a timeless quality.
These alley pieces call to mind some of R. Crumb's reality based drawings.

Michael Cho said...

Thanks, Anthony! I'm glad you like them and think they have a timeless quality -- in mind, as I work on these, I try to keep these drawings as "classic" as possible, and hope they don't give away the time period in which they were drawn.