Monday, July 09, 2007

Fist-A-Cuffs: Lucy Legless!

Some of you may be familiar with Sam Hiti's excellent Fist-a-Cuffs event -- a website where artists create characters to fight head to head (in the best thunderdome style) and voters pick who wins. I tried to enter a previous match before (see my previous blog entry here), but was a bit late getting in the deadline. However, for the recent gigantic-size Fist-a-cuffs 3, I was happy to enter a new fighter, whom my good friend Steve Manale dubbed "Lucy Legless"!

Unfortunately for Lucy, while she survived the first round, she was soundly defeated in the second. I can't complain too much though, as the fighter who defeated her went on to trounce the entire division. Still, she did get to get in some nice smack talk.

Now, in my opinion, Lucy was kinda doomed from the start as my original design and drawing for her was waaaay better but had to be changed due to rule restrictions. Originally, Lucy came with a crew of "nerdbots" whom she controlled the way a queen bee controls the hive. However, Fist-a-cuffs rules demanded that I remove her little platoon and just let her fight solo. Fortunately, I was able to redraw her to comply. Unfortunately, that meant that she lost most of her firepower. However, here on my blog, I can post my much-better original drawing for Lucy Legless below.

For those who voted for Lucy during the event, my most sincere thanks go out to you. And for those of you who are going "whaaa??" and have no idea what I'm talking about at all, I urge you to check out Fist-a-cuffs for yourself and join in the madness.