Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Inks over Kirby Pencils

Again, another looooong delay between blog postings. I've been working so much on new stuff lately, but most of it is comics work which I really don't want to show until its all complete, so I've been scrambling for stuff to post here on my poor neglected blog. Hopefully, you won't mind looking at these samples of my inks over Jack Kirby's pencils while waiting for newer stuff.

As many of you know, I really dig practicing my inking over Kirby's artwork. He drew such complete pencil art that its usually a breeze to ink. I inked these over a few afternoons, a bit here and there at the start of my workday as a warm-up for the day's drawing. They were scanned from copies of the Jack Kirby Collector (a great Kirby zine) and printed out in blue before inking. I also have Ramon Perez to thank for scanning the final art for me (Ramon has a large-format scanner -- I gotta get one of those!).

Anyway, hopefully I'll be back soon to show some new comic art and stories I've written!


jason quinones said...

your inks complement "The King's" pencils very nicely.great job!

also...i'm working on an iron man piece i'd like to send you possibly to post on your iron man blog but having trouble accessing the email address. if you could please let me know the address i'd appreciate it. thanks!

RLS said...

These look awesome, Mike. I've been wanting to try these for a while too since I first hear of that Flickr group. I love both of them but especially that Conan. Fantastic spotting of blacks. Your inks are as sharp as ever on both.

Mike Thompson said...

Fantastic inks, Mike. You make Kirby look crisp and new. I'd love to see more of these, and more of the Thor pages you had done in monochrome. Both are dynamite.

Michael Cho said...

Jason: thanks, Jason. I always think inking Kirby is pretty easy -- all you have to do is follow the lines. There's very little that needs to be added or changed, you can just trace and weight the lines and that'll be enough in most cases. As for your Iron Man submission -- cool! I'll contact you via email about it.

RLS: thanks, Ron! I saw that Flickr group too (the one about Thor). I think it's a pretty cool idea but the early samples on it seeemed more like the contributors were clowning around more than they were being serious about re-inking Kirby. Some of them changed the artwork and did such a jokey job of it that it seemed worse than Colletta in many ways! Still, it seems like a fun idea.

Mike: thanks, Mike! Glad you liked it -- I'll post more when I have a chance. I still have another one or two Thor pages I did in two-tone I'm saving to post later.

Mike Thompson said...

Looking forward to seeing those, Mike! Thanks!

SpaceJack said...

Those are cool! Makes me want to see some of my favourite old Kirby/Sinnott pages from the Fantastic Four re-inked by you :)

BTW I've been checking your blog regularly since I saw your stuff on DrawingBoard. I really enjoy it. Say, did you do the signs at Pages bookstore on Queen W? I could swear it looks like your style.

Kyu Shim said...

Awesome! Just loving the vitality of your inks. By the way, can't wait for your magnum opus. Tentative release date?

DonaldHelloStudio said...

wow, michael, like it here!
really inspiring here with the 2color-schemes and those poppin´kirby-esque art around. keep on! greetings, donald.

Michael Cho said...

Mike Thompson: thanks, Mike! I'll post those when I can.

Spacejack: thanks, dude! I remember your work from the drawingboard too. As for re-inking the Kirby/Sinnott FFs -- those pages don't need ANY re-inking. They were perfect as they were! And regarding the Pages Bookstore signs, yep, I did the signs and signboard for Pages a while ago. If you check earlier entries on my blog, you'll find posts on the making of the signboard and some window displays for Pages.

Kyu: thanks for the support, buddy! As for the big book I'm working'll come out when I'm ready and have a publisher lined up for it. I'm hoping for a release of summer next year.

Donaldhellostudio: thanks, dude! Glad you dropped by and found some art you liked.

Dan McDaid said...

You've done a terrific job on these Michael. For all my love of Kirby, I've never inked any of his work... must make up for that soon!

Toby Zintz said...


How can any comic book freak who can put pen or brush to paper resist trying to ink Kirby? Have taken a whack at it numerous times myself and while not doing too badly, I am humbled in my inadequacy and always have to bow before the masters; Sinnott, Giacoia and Royer. I do it again, though, not only hoping to do better, but because it's just too much freakin' fun!! Please consider this an expression of admiration and respect for your ink work as well.

Oh, that's just great! Someone else to aspire to!


Anonymous said...

To me, after seeing Royer, Sinnott, Ayers, Stone, etc. ink Jack Kirby's pencils, the clear choice over all of those very good inkers was Vinnie Colletta. That's right, you heard correctly.

I have seen examples of Colletta's that were thick lined like the above named inkers but I have never-I repeat-NEVER-seen anyone who could duplicate Mr. Colletta's best fine line work.

Mike Espo