Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hank Williams

Just thought I'd post a quick drawing of Hank Williams I did recently. I drew this one for fun, mainly because I've listened to his music while drawing for years now. Lost Highway is probably one of my favourite recordings of all time.


Dominic Bugatto said...

Love it. You've struck just the right cord.

Pardon the pun ;)

Tom said...

This is really nice. I am sorry to say I haven't listened to his records, this reminds me that I should.

Can we order your sketchbook online yet?

Michael Cho said...

Dominic: thanks, dude. Glad you liked it. I'm always a bit bad with portraits.

Tom: thanks, Tom. Give the records a try -- they're classics. As for ordering the sketchbook online -- hang in there, we're working out the kinks right now. It should be up in a couple of days.

brian said...

That's just gorgeous, Cho.

RLS said...

That looks beautiful, Mike. I love the sense of space you create in this pic.

Michael Cho said...

brian: thanks, Brian. It was cool meeting you in person and hanging out for a bit by the pool at SDCC

rls: thanks, Ron. Much appreciated.

ED said...

Absolutely awesome. Im new to your work, but you've found an instant fan.

warren said...

Wow, your stuff is always so solid! How about posting a mistake to let us know you're human?

Looking forward to your Transmission-X series! Been following that site for a while now. Almost all of my favourite T.O. based artists are on it!

Too bad I missed the TCAF this year! Ah well.

Benson said...

I love your drawings and I love you, Michael Cho.

Keep up the good work.

crylic said...

Great image Mike, love the Hank.

Michael Cho said...

ed: thanks, Ed -- hope you'll stop by again!

warren: Thanks, dude. I actually make a TON of mistakes -- and I've posted em on this blog. They're just the really old drawings here, and sometimes when I look at stuff I drew over a year ago, I just cringe! Hope I'll catch you at another show in town sometime soon.

Thanks also for the interest in Transmission-x. Yeah, its got some of my favourite artists on it too!

Benson: thanks, dude. I feel the love.

Crylic: thank you!

Shaun Pendergast said...

I'll save you a beating because I like this illustration so much. Just one though.

Very cool sir.


nick said...

Hi Micheal. I run a food blog and looking to do a post about hank williams. I'm a big fan of Lost Highway as well.

Can I use your picture and link to it in a post of mine?

Nick said...

Hey Michael Cho,

Gorgeous Hank portrait. Hope you are well. Congrats again on the National Mag. Award!

Very Best, Nick Craine

Michael Cho said...

Nick Craine:
Hey Nick! Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words on my drawing and on the Nat Mag award. I got an email from you earlier, but I accidentally deleted it (brainlock!) so I wasn't able to reply. So sorry about that -- hope you didn't think I was being a dick :) Wanna shoot me your address so we can keep in touch?