Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Silver Surfer vs. The Thing!

Continuing on with my recent pledge to post a new superhero painting every week for the next month or so, here's one of the Silver Surfer vs. the Thing.  I based this on one of my favourite Fantastic Four comics from the 60's.  I bet some silver-age fans can guess which one.

As with the other recent paintings, this one was done in gouache and ink on board.  


Christian said...

Hi Michael, these are fantastic. Please could you share your process for these paintings? Do you use a lightbox to transfer the sketch? Do you ink it and then paint?
Your work is an inspiration.

Gerry said...

hi, i see Albert Moy has all of these listed for sale, have you stopped doing commissions altogether ?
very best

Michael Cho said...

@Christian: Thanks. I paint on a lightbox, so there's no pencil on the original art. I've done some process posts in the past - you can find them if you go through the blog's archives.

@Gerry: Hi, Gerry, yes Albert Moy now carries my comic-related artwork. I'm afraid I stopped doing commissions for good last year. Sorry.