Monday, March 16, 2015

Comic-Con International 2015 Souvenir Book Cover

This was a fun assignment.  I was asked by Comic-Con International to draw the cover for their 2015 Souvenir Book, which was a thrill.   That the theme of the cover was The Spirit for it's 75th anniversary made it even better.  It was an honour to draw something that was a tribute to the great Will Eisner and I had a lot of fun trying to come up with an image that had an Eisner feel without aping Eisner's style.

Like everyone else, I always enjoyed how Eisner seamlessly blended lettering and type into his Spirit splash pages, so that seemed like a good starting point.  And since Will Eisner laid so much of the foundation for modern cartooning, I wanted the cover to evoke a bright shining city built from the foundation laid down by Eisner and overseen by the Spirit.

The art for this was drawn using a combination of digital and traditional techniques.  I thumbnailed it on paper, tightened the pencils for the buildings digitally, inked it on paper again and then coloured the whole thing digitally.  

As a side note:  I'm happy to announce that I'll be a guest of the San Diego Comic Con this year, and am grateful to the organizers for inviting me.  I'm looking forward to attending the show.


Brion said...


I really love this piece. the spirit of "The Spirit" is undeniable. I did have a technical question if you would be so kind. The perspective on this seems all over the place. The buildings appear to have different vanishing points from one another as well as from the lettering. While technically off, it adds a wonkiness to the feel of it. was this something you specifically planned out or more of a happy accident; or am I completely off base and the perspective is fine, I just am too inexperienced to see it?

Michael Cho said...

Thanks, Brion. Re: perspective, all the buildings are set in perspective and share a horizon line with the main lettering. There are 2 different sets of vanishing points for the buildings, however, as they're set at different angles, but it's all hung properly against the horizon.

I didn't want the buildings to be in a standard grid but have some character, so I set them at 2 different angles, which gives it that irregular/wonky feel.

Sheldon Sturges said...

I must compliment you on the cover. It's blinkin' gorgeous ! I won't be at the con, but am wondering if you will be making prints of the cover available ?

Michael Cho said...

Hi Sheldon,

Thanks. The art belongs to Comic-Con international, so I won't be making or selling any prints of it. I think some might be made by another party, but will unfortunately be available only at the show.