Thursday, February 23, 2017

Civil War 2 Variant Covers - Part 2

These comprise the remaining 4 variant covers I drew for Marvel for their Civil War 2 crossover event.  Again, they loosely follow a "boxing poster" theme, with issues 5 and 7 being slightly different in concept.  The cover for issue 5 was inspired by propaganda posters from the 40's and 50's in keeping with the issue's themes of alienation and identity.  

I think the final issue, Issue 8 had my favourite cover of the batch, as I wanted to go out with a bang and go all out on the boxing angle.

These were all drawn in a mix of traditional and digital mediums.

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TishTini (TISH) said...

Hi Michael!

Will you be doing commissions at WonderCon? If so what is the process of setting up with you? Pardon my I'm a bit naive to obtaining commissioned work. I was hoping I could get something for my friend for their birthday as they were unable to setup with you at Emerald City earlier this month. I will only be at WonderCon one day (Saturday) as I'll be traveling from out of state. Entirely understand if you do not have the bandwidth to commission something.