Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Killing Girl

This is a piece I did a while ago, for the upcoming Image comic, The Killing Girl. Written by Glen Brunswick and illustrated by Frank Espinosa, its a high-action comic featuring the adventures of a mafia assassin with, shall we say, major memory issues. When Glen Brunswick asked me months ago if I wanted to contribute a piece for the back cover, of course I jumped at the opportunity. Not only is Glen a heck of a nice guy and talented writer, but Frank Espinosa is one of my favourite artists of recent years. To be associated with anything that the two of them have collaborated on was a huge honour for me!

Anyway, the book ships in august, and you should definitely check it out when it hits the shelves. The pages I've seen so far look fantastic. But don't take my word for it, check out the previews on the Killing Girl blog.

Now, in keeping with my recent habit of posting the preliminary process work for my paintings and drawings, you can see for yourself the various roughs, pencils and colour-studies I did for this pin-up below:


Mike Thompson said...

Thanks for sharing the process, Mike! Nice work!

Bill Nolan said...

Mike, thanks for pointing this book out to me. I'm a huge fan of Frank Espinosa, and I hadn't even heard of it! No offense meant at all to you're amazing Mary Marvel piece, but this is my favorite sketch of the year so far:

Capt. Marvel by Frank Espinosa

See you in Toronto in a couple of weeks!

Michael Cho said...

Mike: thanks, Mike. Glad you liked seeing the process. I'm trying to post a bit more of that lately.

Bill: Glad to help promote the book, buddy. It was actually only announced and solicited recently, so no wonder you hadn't heard of it. I've seen the first issue and it looks great.

And yeah, that Capt. Marvel by Espinosa's a BEAUTY! His stuff is always so inspiring and fresh.

Ugo said...

Michael: Splendid image, as always.

And I'm really looking forward to read this mini series.

See you in a few days

FerdinandKreozot said...

Sweet works :)



Jason Chalker said...

Oh Man! That's about 5 kinds of awesome. Great stuff Mike.

Michael Cho said...

Ugo: thanks, Ugo. Are you coming to the paradise con in June then?

Milenko: thanks, dude. I just checked out your site and your work is fantastic. Love your style -- and your movie reviews were hilarious. Especially that bit about the new Rambo movie -- yeah, its pretty stoopid/funny/tragic.

Jason: thanks, Jason. Glad you liked it, buddy.

Dan Christensen said...


Nice illustration, Mike. I love the dynamic pose and sense of movement you've got going here.

As always, fantastic job all around. I'll definitely be picking this up when it hits the shelves!


Ugo said...

@ Michael:

Paradise Convention, that's for sure. We might see each other sooner, at the funny books store, but that doesn't seem to happen very often lately...does it?

Don Van Horn said...

Sweet! That's awsome Mike.

Michael Cho said...

Dan: thanks, Dan! I appreciate the kind words from an artist I admire.

Ugo: Paradise con it is!

Don: thanks, Don -- nice always to hear from you. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.

Paul Conrad said...

Michael...this is so sweet on all accounts! Looking forward to picking it up.

Michael Cho said...

Thanks, Paul. Did you get your package that I sent? I think I mailed it out a week and a half ago, so you should be recieving it soon.

Glen Brunswick said...

Hey Michael,

That certainly is a beautiful pin-up you did. It's going to add some polish and luster to my humble book.

I can't thank you enough for it!

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nicely done as always.

CosmicPencil said...

You never seem to disappoint Michael!
Great job and looking forward to being able to 'grab' some more Espinoza books!!!


danielog said...

i loved the color in it. very cool

Michael Cho said...

Glen: thanks, Glen. I'm glad you liked the pinup, buddy. And like everyone else, I'm totally looking forward to Killing Girl when it drops.

Dominic: thanks, dude. Nice to hear from you.

Matt: thanks, Matt! Long time no see. Hope all is going well for you and your projects.

Danielog: thank you!

spacesick said...

whoa! that's too cool.

I've missed you, michael cho. coming back here feels like coming home. or shoplifting a big bag of mini kit-kats

Geoff said...

I saw this pic at the Paradise con but I can't get over how good it is! Definitely inspires me to pick up Killing Girl.

I put up the sketch that you did for me of Robin and Kid Flash. I know you think only your worst sketches make it on line but I love it.

Michael Cho said...

Spacesick:! But you know, CRIME DOESN'T PAY!!

Geoff: thanks, Geoff! It was great meeting you and Joel at the con -- hope you had a good time and got some nice sketches.

Michael Mason said...

This is so dynamic, and I loved how you kep the style simple - it really adds to the graphic punch of this piece.