Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Portraits

This one's an illustration I did for a wedding invitation. The happy couple in the drawing are friends of mine, and they asked my wife and I to design their invites. Naturally, we couldn't refuse!


RLS said...

That looks awesome, Michael! They are only lucky couple. :)

RLS said...

Er... I meant one lucky couple.

Mo loves Cho! said...

hey mister cho!

where's my portrait?

lovingly yours,


Michael Cho said...

Ron: thanks, dude! They're a great looking couple, so they were easy to draw.

Mo: Anytime, anywhere, my dear Maureen! Just come on by the studio and I'll hook you up.

Rob Swizzle said...

The Intersteer captured in art! Fantastic.

Michael Cho said...

haha! Apparently, the Intersteer was the happy couple's fav restaurant, so they asked if I could somehow incorporate it into the drawing.

rama hughes said...

hey michael,

1) i love your work!

2) i sang its praises on illustration friday.

3) i have a pet project in a vein similar to your iron man one. you are enormously invited. (it may be right up your alley.)