Friday, July 14, 2006

el Capitan!

Here's yet another Captain America drawing I did recently. I think I doodle Captain America these days almost as much as Iron Man -- and whenever I do, I can't resist "going all Kirby" on it! I've always loved the way Jack Kirby drew Captain America with the boxer shorts and the meaty hands. And, getting all geek-history here, I gotta say that the definitive Kirby inker on Captain America was Frank Giacoia. Those two made one heck of a team-up.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

work work work

Well, I'm still very busy drawing some new comic pages, so I'm posting another image from my files. This one's a spot illustration I did last year for Canadian Business Magazine, and I thought I'd share it because its a good example of the kind of editorial work I do. Unlike many of my recent pieces, this one was painted old-school style in gouache.

BTW, I think I've drawn several variations on the "multi-armed, multi-tasking worker" in my career and I don't think I'm the only illustrator who has done so -- it seems to be a visual concept that comes up again and again. For further proof, check out the example by my friend and fellow artist, Ramon Perez, on his blog.