Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm Voting for...

My wife and I came up with this bumper sticker idea, combining our two ideal candidates for the upcoming US elections.  It's just a bit of fun, really, but I get a real kick out of imagining what a Conan/Swamp Thing administration would be like.  I figure national security wouldn't be a problem (who'd wanna mess with an axe wielding barbarian?) and environmental issues would definitely take center stage.  Hell, even the current financial mess in the US would probably benefit -- you could imagine President Conan meeting with Wall Street heads and scowling, "Crom!  You're all thieves!  You should all be strung up by your fat necks!".

If you like these candidates, I suggest you download the image and print it up on your own sticker paper to paste on a car nearest you. It beats supporting the Nader/Thulsa Doom ticket!

Special thanks to my wife, Claudia, for her great type treatment on this one.  

Now in all seriousness, I won't insult your intelligence by asking you not to write these fictional characters in on your ballot.  I will suggest though, that if you don't want another 4 years of divisive politics, pointless wars or hateful muslim-bating and fear mongering --  then go out and vote for Obama/Biden on November 4th.   

Monday, October 20, 2008

This is why I don't do caricatures

I admit it -- I'm lousy at drawing caricatures.  Like, epic fail lousy.  In the old days, when I'd get illustration assignments to draw someone famous, I'd immediately break into a sweat.  Especially if it was someone who wasn't that easy to draw in the first place.  Most conventionally good-looking hollywood types fit that category -- they're so bland they're impossible for someone like me to draw.    I remember a terrible likeness of Britney Spears I drew once, where she looked more like Madonna than Britney.  God forbid that someone should ever ask me to draw Charlize Theron, you know?

Anyway, these days, I usually turn down assignments where I'm asked to caricaturize someone.  I leave that for the pros.  But to give you an idea how bad I am, take a look at a couple of old illustrations I did for Canadian Business Magazine.  These two were drawn several years ago, but I still cringe when I see them.

First up is Bill Gates as a tupperware saleslady (don't ask, just buy it). Honestly, this one's so bad I had to put a frikkin nametag on him just to sell the likeness!

Next is that lovable cutie-pie, Alan Greenspan -- the big financial muckity-muck.  I think this one's a bit better, but its still pretty stiff.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Age of the Sentry Issue #2

I posted earlier about a 10 page story I drew for Marvel's Age of the Sentry comic, and now that it's on the stands, I thought I'd post a couple pages of artwork from it. So here it is in good old black and white, free of word balloons or colour! If you're stopping by your local comic shop this week (they still have comic shops, right?) go check it out on the racks for yourself. It features a ton of guest stars from the glorious silver age of Marvel Comics, including many of my all-time favourite superheroes. And if you buy it, I recommend reading it while munching on some vintage hostess, maybe not. Those cakes are probably like, really moldy by now.