Sunday, April 09, 2006

My favourite superheroes Pt. 2

Another super-hero from my childhood:


Like most kids who read comics in the early 80's, I was an X-Men fan. And my favourite X-man was always Cyclops. Sure Wolverine was cooler (and he was even Canadian), but for some reason, I just dug Cyclops more. Maybe it was because he was the leader of the X-Men, or maybe its because he was always depicted as the silent stoic-type, or maybe it was just because he could blast $#!% with his eyes. Whatever the reasons, Cyclops was always the X-Man I'd end up drawing in the margins of my notebooks -- usually in a faux John Byrne style.

This painting was done in gouache on watercolour paper and was one of the pieces I had on display at the recent Speakeasy show.