Friday, October 13, 2006

What is this monkey doing?

Sometimes, I'll doodle while watching TV. This is one I did while watching a recent press conference from the White House.

I hereby apologize in advance to anyone offended by sketches of apes giving the finger.

Wowie Special Contest!
Ok, here's an idea -- I've decided to run a contest to see who could write the best caption for this picture. So, if you're the creative copy-writing type and/or the compulsive contest-entering type, take your best shot in the comments section and I'll pick the winner at the end of October (or thereabouts).

And what does the winner recieve for his or her efforts? Howsabout a free copy of my recent Max Finder Mystery book and a rare stash of my mini-comics (so rare that I have to go deep into my closet to find them!). Is that enough to entice your creative juices? If your answer's no, well...that's all I got. But you answered yes or even "ehh..maybe, whatever", then enter today!*

*offer void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Some contestants may be asked to answer a skill testing question relating to the Jack Kirby era Fantastic Four. Well, maybe not.