Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Illustration Work: Karnhuset (part 5)

Ok, here's one last image from my recent series of illustrations done for swedish agency, Karnhuset. This one's pretty simple, just a cake and piechart combo -- nothing to it, right? Except for the fact that after I drew it, the nice people at the agency actually got a baker to fabricate a cake based on my design for their promotion! How crazy cool is that?! Now I've designed stuff that went on t-shirts, CD-covers, even toys, but I've never had a cake made based on something I drew! Too bad that they're in europe, and weren't be able to send one to me -- I'd love to know what my favourite green colour tastes like. Yum!

Special note: My thanks to my fabulously talented wife, Claudia, for turning my drawings here into a vector file. She's a wonderful artist in her own right, and an expert at drawing food. I drew the original image in marker, and she converted it all in Illustrator to an eps file -- and even I couldn't tell the difference!