Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beware of Bee-bot!

What is this drawing, you ask? Well, it was to be my entry to Sam Hiti's fist-a-cuffs event where drawings square off against each other (check it out for yourself, if you aren't familiar with it). Since the current round of matches were to be tag-team, my good buddy Nick Derington contacted me (at the very very last minute) and suggested we link up for it. We quickly decided on a robot/cyborg theme for our entries. After some furious scribbling, this was my result! I called her Bee-Bot 2000 and she was designed to eliminate the opposition from a distance, since Nick's robot was designed for close-quarters combat. I'll leave it to others to try and guess all the various armaments she may or many not have.

Unfortunately, we totally missed the deadline for entries, so our super-awesome team will, sadly, not be wiping the drawingboards with the other contestants. Bummer! Though, to be honest, some of those other entries looked way awesomely indestructable with atomic-laser eyes and claws and stuff like that...

Still, I liked this drawing enough to post it here. Hope you like it.