Thursday, November 15, 2007

Transmission-X: Papercut - "Trinity"

My new story for my webcomic Papercut is online now (check it out at transmission-x!), and its a bit of a departure for me. Its a non-fiction historical piece (something I don't usually write) and its also a two-parter. I originally planned Papercut to only feature self-contained, complete stories each month, but when I finished writing and thumbnailing this one, it came in 12 pages, which is a bit long for a webcomic. I personally prefer shorter length comics on the web, and would rather read longer stories on paper, and not on a monitor, so I thought I'd split this one up over two months.

The page above is the first page of the comic and, even without the lettering in place, you might be able to discern just what its about. And since I like to show sketches and process on this blog, you can check out page 3 below, and see how I go from thumbnail to finished art.