Friday, January 18, 2008

make with the funny!

In between a busy schedule of illustration assignments, I've been drawing some webcomics lately, which I thought I'd share a bit of info about here. The first is for my regular monthly webcomic, Papercut, featured on Transmission-x. I thought I'd take a break from drawing 'serious' stories this time and present another installment of The Lonely Monkey. It's a strip I draw as a comedic interlude every few months, and I try to draw up a special intro for each installment .This month I thought it'd be fun to do a photo-comic (or fumetti, if you want to get all technical) -- which you can check out below. And if you like it, you can check out the rest of the strip on Papercut.

Also, my good buddy Ramon Perez asked me to draw a guest-strip for his insanely popular webcomic, Butternut Squash, which I was more than happy to do (Ramon is a classy guy as well as being ridiculously talented). It's online right now, but you can also see the strip below. Many of the other guest-artists who know Ramon drew some hilarious strips taking their shots at him and co-creator Rob Coughler, but as it was pointed out by another friend, my strip seems more a parody of my own comics than of Ramon and Rob.

Finally, I thought it'd be interesting to post this little-seen pin-up of Ramon and Rob for the collected edition of their strips that came out a couple of years ago. And since this is my sketchblog, you can check out my pencil rough for the pinup below as well!