Monday, October 20, 2008

This is why I don't do caricatures

I admit it -- I'm lousy at drawing caricatures.  Like, epic fail lousy.  In the old days, when I'd get illustration assignments to draw someone famous, I'd immediately break into a sweat.  Especially if it was someone who wasn't that easy to draw in the first place.  Most conventionally good-looking hollywood types fit that category -- they're so bland they're impossible for someone like me to draw.    I remember a terrible likeness of Britney Spears I drew once, where she looked more like Madonna than Britney.  God forbid that someone should ever ask me to draw Charlize Theron, you know?

Anyway, these days, I usually turn down assignments where I'm asked to caricaturize someone.  I leave that for the pros.  But to give you an idea how bad I am, take a look at a couple of old illustrations I did for Canadian Business Magazine.  These two were drawn several years ago, but I still cringe when I see them.

First up is Bill Gates as a tupperware saleslady (don't ask, just buy it). Honestly, this one's so bad I had to put a frikkin nametag on him just to sell the likeness!

Next is that lovable cutie-pie, Alan Greenspan -- the big financial muckity-muck.  I think this one's a bit better, but its still pretty stiff.