Wednesday, September 09, 2009

One Last Fan Expo sketch

Here's one last pre-fan-expo commission I drew. This one was a quickie of Zorro (duh). I actually left this till really late, mainly because its pretty daunting to try and draw a drawing of Zorro -- the late Alex Toth pretty much set the bar on drawing that character, and it was a very high bar indeed.

I enjoyed Fan Expo very much, and was very gratified to meet and chat with all the people who came by my table to buy a print or get a quick sketch. My thanks to everyone who stopped by. I think I drew about 20 "head shots" over the weekend, and enjoyed them all since I didn't feel as rushed as last year. I even found some time to wander the tables and see the show a bit. Goes to show what a little pre-show planning can do.