Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Escape from New York

This one was a fun jam piece, done with the incomparable Andy Belanger for a fundraiser for HeroesCon in North Carolina.  We always like working together, with me putting tones and inks over Andy's pencil art -- it's easy to work with a guy who lets you just run wild over his artwork.

Andy pitched a few ideas: "Ali vs. Superman in front of a Vegas crowd" ("Too many people!" was my response), "Macross robots!" ("Too many ruler lines!", my reply) before he came up with the one that made me go "Oooooh" -- Snake Plissken from the classic Escape from New York.

Andy provided the excellent pencil drawing, to which I added the coloured tone and ink on paper.  You can see his pencil art below, and check out another of our collaborations at this link.