Friday, February 17, 2006

Comics are For Kids Pt. 3

I featured the cover for this job a few posts ago, but here are some pages from a recent children's educational comic assignment that I just completed drawing. It stars a team of teens who fly a futuristic "shrink-ship" into a sick patient's bloodstream (ala the movie "Fantastic Voyage" and many other homages) to heal a diseased liver and also to teach readers about cells, gene therapy, the cirulatory system and a few other facts about biology and science.

I had a lot fun on this assignment as it featured an opportunity for me to draw some pretty imaginative scenes and backgrounds -- I mean, just what does the inside of the lymphatic system look like? I had to research it and then try and make it look cool and visually interesting for young readers. The colouring on this one is also a little slicker and more "photoshop-y" than I usually like to go, but I thought it was fitting with the sci-fi futuristic theme.