Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lean To Draw!

Here's one that was drawn for fun. It actually began as a doodle that got out of control. I took the copy and layout pretty much verbatim from an old black and white ad, but just substituted my own images and and made some minor changes to the text. Then I rendered the whole thing out in 2 colours. Blame me if you want for all the crappy lettering and crooked lines, but remember: I did this without a ruler!

I have Claudia to thank for scanning this and cleaning it up. It was drawn entirely with PITT markers and brush-pens (my #1 doodling choice) so it took some tidying. She also added all the cool folds and fake paper effects to give it that extra cheesy look like something you'd find in the back of an ancient men's magazine -- one with a name like "Juggs and Jiggles!" or "Sunbathers Monthly".